As a global high-end fun brand, we aims to provide a premium sexual lifestyle for users around the globe.

About us

Our ambition is to carefully select quality products for people with different tastes and desires, with a variety of prices to suit all. We believe that everyone deserves a happy, stimulating and healthy sex life.

At SilkyRoad we provide fast and discreet shipping. The moment we receive your order we prepare all purchase information and pack your purchase that very moment ensuring you receive your order as quick as possible. We know how eager you are to receive it!

All packaging is very very discreet, so much so that you could not tell the difference between your package and that of any other that you made online. This mean no worries for when you sign for that delivery and your neighbour Mrs Jones is watching….. ps Mrs Jones shops at SilkyRoad too so don’t nothing to worry about!

We have great loyalty programmes for our customers to receive epic discounts, all orders come with free gifts and personalised notes if requested if you are buying for that special someone in your life. We have the best range of premium adult toys, the fastest handling/postage and the best customer service. Most importantly we have the best prices in Australia. You as our customer are incredibly special to us and we place you first in everything we do because we believe you deserve it.

Come inside now and see for yourself why SilkyRoad is the boldest and the best toy retailer in Australia.

Silky ROAD
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